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We are committed to supporting you in taking the Herbalife name and brand around the globe. For this reason, Herbalife is providing professionally designed logos and assets for your use.

Traditionally, the company has required that its independent Distributors seek permission, in writing and in advance, to use any names or logos. In this case, you do not need such permission.

You ARE the brand. You represent Herbalife's brand, and your words, actions and appearance have a powerful impact. As an independent Distributor, you also have the unique advantage of using the power of our global brand in your marketing efforts.

Logo Types and Usage

There is one (1) type of Herbalife Independent Distributor logo:
1. Corporate Use
  1. A basic representation of the brand.
  2. Consists of one (1) color: PMS 368 green. The tri-leaf fronds, circle and letters, are all in PMS 368.
  3. The circle behind the leaf must always be transparent so that any background behind the logo shows through.
There are two (2) ways in which the logos are displayed:
  1. Horizontal Use – The preferred way to represent the brand.
  2. Stacked Use – Developed for pieces with confined spaces or vertical designs, and/or that do not allow for horizontal use.
For more information and examples of Herbalife’s logos, refer to the Usage Guide and Instructions below, or click on "View Logos".
View Usage Guide and Instructions (PDF) .

Herbalife Logos
Herbalife Logos Choose from Approved Herbalife Independent Distributor Logos
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Transportation Herbalife Vehicle Wraps, Door Panels and Back Window Decals
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Sampling Materials
Sampling Materials Herbalife Table Skirts, Flags and Tents
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Stationery Business Cards, Letterhead, presentation templates and invoices.
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Herbalife 24™ Assets
Herbalife 24™ Herbalife 24™ Logos and Assets
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Herbalife Nutrition Logos
Herbalife 24™ Choose from Approved Herbalife Nutrition Logos
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Herbalife SKIN Logos
Herbalife Logos Choose from Approved Herbalife Independent Distributor Logos
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