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There are a lot of reasons to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor. Maybe you want a part-time business that gives you the flexibility to spend time with friends and family. Or maybe you’re interested in starting, growing and running your business from anywhere in the world. And along the way, you’ll experience the positive impact you’ll be making to help people live their best lives.

Building an Herbalife business gives you the opportunity to grow on your terms without a requirement to run your business in any particular way or at any particular hour. We offer you help to develop skills to serve, inspire, empower your customers and, if you like, other Herbalife Independent Distributors who share your commitment. As you grow your business, you can unlock new ways to earn income.

Join Herbalife today, and embrace a future where creativity knows no bounds. Let your goals become your reality.

Distributor Success story

Gavin W. & Wendy W.

“After graduating from an Australian University as an electrical & computer engineer, Gavin and his wife Wendy, started their work life like other Johoreans in Singapore to earn a higher income. They started with a total income with 5 figure a month, however, he found that he wouldn’t achieve his goal in life to give a good living environment and better lifestyle to his wife, children and parents.

Gavin started off as a computer engineer in Singapore till he met his sponsor and was invited to a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting in 2004. He was amazed with the opportunity and decided to sign up as a Member. After attending several national and international events, he decided to be full-time in the business with his wife. With not much support, he decided to go back to his hometown and started his very first nutrition club in Batu Pahat. Learning the Herbalife business with the systematized training provided step by step and working hard consistently, he achieved his dream to become a President's Team at the age of 34 in 2010. Gavin & Wendy steadily moved up next pins, from 15K in year 2018, 1-Diamond 20K in year 2019 and now, Gavin helped and guided his youngest sister, Aeris Wong & Victor Ong realizing their dream pin - President’s Team and he achieved his 2-Diamond Senior Executive President’s Team, 20K recently!

Now, they are committed to changing people’s lives through Herbalife’s vision and mission, and to make the world healthier by helping serious people in their life journey. He and his team truly believe with hard work and passion in bringing up more new leadership using a proper systematized NC training. As a result of giving and contributing to the growth of South, Malaysia, Gavin and Wendy Wong has successfully won their very proud title as Number 1 Top RO Earning President’s Team 3 years consecutively recognized in Spectacular 2018, 2019 & 2020.”

Gavin W. & Wendy W.
Senior Executive President’s Team 20k

Atypical achievement came from hard work. Most distributors earn some extra money. See Herbalife.com/STE for more.

Our promise to you

Gold Standard

Starting your Herbalife Distributorship is easy and stress-free:

Full Business Transparency: Clear and accurate information about your potential income.

Money-Back Guarantee: 100% refund on your Herbalife Distributor Pack if your distributorship is canceled for any reason within 90 days.

Refund Guarantee: 100% refund on all unsold products purchased within 12 months for any canceled memberships.

Low Start-Up Costs: No minimum monthly product orders or requirements to purchase any sales or business tools.