Skin & Body Care

Experience the hydrating and rejuvenating benefits of our range of botanical-infused creams, serums, cleansers, masks and more for your skin. Nurture your body from the inside out with our nourishing supplements, and pamper your hair with our strengthening shampoo and conditioner

Herbalife Beauty Bundle

Healthy Aging - Beauty Set

1 Set

Herbalife SKIN Ultimate Program

Herbalife SKIN® Ultimate Program

1 Set

Herbalife SKIN Basic Program

Herbalife SKIN® Basic Program

1 set

113K Firming Vitamin Mask

Firming Vitamin Mask

Box of 5

112K Brightening Vitamin Mask

Brightening Vitamin Mask

Box of 5

111k Moisturizing Vitamin Mask

Moisturizing Vitamin Mask

Box of 5

0899 Herbalife SKIN Sunscreen

Herbalife SKIN® Protective Moisturizer SPF 30/PA+++

30 ml

0891 Herbalife SKIN Energizing Herbal Toner

Herbalife SKIN® Energizing Herbal Toner

150 ml | + 1 Sizes

0774 Herbalife SKIN Replenishing Night Cream

Herbalife SKIN® Replenishing Night Cream

30 ml

0770 Herbalife SKIN Eye Gel

Herbalife SKIN® Firming Eye Gel

15 ml

0768 Herbalife SKIN Minimizing Serum

Herbalife SKIN® Line Minimizing Serum

30 ml

0766 Herbalife SKIN Cleanser

Herbalife SKIN® Polishing Citrus Cleanser

150 ml