Herbalife SKIN® Basic Program

A selection of nutritional products designed to give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

Herbalife SKIN Basic Program
Herbalife SKIN Basic Program

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Our science-backed nutritional products are available exclusively through Herbalife Independent Distributors. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Herbalife SKIN® Basic Program offers a range of products designed to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  With this set, you won't need to worry about figuring out what individual products to buy – it’s been taken care of for you!

By choosing the Herbalife SKIN® Basic Program, you will save time and effort while knowing that you're making a smart choice for your health and wellness journey.

The set includes the following products:

For best results, follow the instructions on each product included in the set.