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LA Galaxy Team

​​Herbalife stands as the ultimate support behind some of the most legendary champions and teams in the world. These athletes dedicate their lives to their chosen sports, and we dedicate ourselves to fuel their pursuits for greatness by providing the best nutritional products and support. They place their trust in Herbalife, knowing that what they put in their bodies is vital for peak performance.

​Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, Atlético de Madrid Femenino and the LA Galaxy are just a few of the big names who trust and rely on our powerful sports nutrition products. Our science-backed products help push their bodies to perform faster, stronger and with more resilience. 

​Herbalife is the fuel that propels true champions to unparalleled greatness.​

​​Helping athletes win around the world​


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Cristiano Ronaldo

​​For over ten years, we have partnered with one of the world’s most iconic athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo. Together, we’ve innovated and co-created Herbalife24® CR7 Drive, a cutting-edge sports drink that helps athletes replenish essential nutrients and promote rapid hydration.

Cristiano’s unrelenting training and workout regimen demands nutrition products that help him defy his own limits. He trusts in the power and innovation of Herbalife to redefine what’s possible. Our products help him deliver awe-inspiring performances with his unyielding dedication to his sport and unparalleled athleticism.

​"Herbalife has been an important part of my performance-driven nutrition, helping me, for over a decade, live my best life." 

Cristiano Ronaldo
​Herbalife Official Nutrition Partner​

Cristiano Rolando CR7
Local Sponsorship USA: Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson

During her 15-year career as a world-class professional triathlete, Herbalife sponsored athlete Heather Jackson consistently pushed herself to the limit to win. Her steady climb in the world rankings was the result of hard work, a positive outlook, aggressive tactics and determination.

Now, after compiling a long list of first-place finishes and course records as a triathlete, Heather is shifting her focus to not one but two new extreme sports. Follow Heather as she embarks on her new journey as a professional ultra trail runner and gravel-bike cyclist.

“The things we’ve done in the past are experiences behind us, but the things we have yet to do are down the road in front of us, waiting for us – waiting to bring us to life." – Heather Jackson

Impact Basketball

Impact Basketball

Herbalife is proud to be the Official Nutrition Partner of Impact Basketball, one of the most prestigious basketball training programs in the United States. Founded by legendary coach and trainer Joe Abunassar, Impact provides elite skill development, strength and conditioning training, and nutrition programs to all levels of players.

Impact’s client list includes NBA players, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA Champions, High School All-Americans and over 130 draft picks, including Herbalife sponsored NBA players Ziaire Williams and Blake Wesley.

Since forming their partnership in 2018, Herbalife and Impact Basketball have hosted clinics all over the country. Herbalife has also provided a Fuel Station and a full-time Dietitian at the Impact facility.

2023 Season: LA Galaxy at Sporting Kansas City on March 11,2023.  Photo by Robert Mora/LA Galaxy.---www.LAGalaxy.com---@LAGALAXY | @LAGALAXYPHOTOS

​​LA Galaxy​

​​We are proud to have one of the longest standing MLS relationships in history. Since 2007, we’ve been the Official Nutrition Partner of the LA Galaxy, a five-time Major League Soccer (MLS) champion. We are more than the name on their jerseys; we’re part of the team culture, facilitating the health and nutrition of each player. Our relationship shows the unshakeable trust we've built with the team. We go beyond sponsorship, bringing innovation and dedication to the LA Galaxy on and off the field.

​Our dedicated staff helps each player achieve optimal performance through the complete integration of nutrition, sports science and technical training. They design tailored nutrition plans that include effective supplementation. And they customize shakes and Herbalife24® products for hydration, weight, performance and recovery. Supported by our team of experts and powered by our products, we help every player to excel on the field, in the gym and during recovery.​