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A healthier you, together

Distributor talking with his friends

The key to unlocking success lies in the power of personal connection. That's why, by combining our products with the know-how and support of our Herbalife Independent Distributors, we have a proven history of delivering results.

Your Herbalife Independent Distributor becomes your mentor, working with you to craft a personalized plan using our high-quality products, wellness programs and resources. And with their guidance, motivation and commitment, you'll build a foundation of healthy habits to keep going on your wellness journey.

Customer success story

Srey Phea C., Herbalife Customer

"Weighing only 45kg, my skinny appearance made me felt insecure. I’ve started eating other unhealthy food, still I was never able to gain any weight. But things changed after I met my angel upline Dy Nalin who gave me lots of encouragement and confidence. She explain to me the importance of having a proper nutrition and a healthy diet,  checking me out, and sharing ways to make yummy delicious shakes. And within 3 weeks I was able to gain 4kg! Now I’m feeling a lot better with myself, more energy and I became healthier. I’m thankful to Nalin for her guidance and believe in me!  
With my amazing transformation results, I started sharing with people around me about this good nutrition in the hopes to assist and inspire  other people to become healthier and happier.”

Srey Phea C., Herbalife Customer