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Herbalife community outdoors, Group of young people, friends and family gather on social event or barbecue in the garden on sunny summer day. Multi ethnic group of people enjoy spending day together

There are a lot of reasons to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor. Maybe you want a part-time business that gives you the flexibility to spend time with friends and family. Or maybe you’re interested in starting, growing and running your business from anywhere in the world. And along the way, you’ll experience the positive impact you’ll be making to help people live their best lives.

Building an Herbalife business gives you the opportunity to grow on your terms without a requirement to run your business in any particular way or at any particular hour. We offer you help to develop skills to serve, inspire, empower your customers and, if you like, other Herbalife Independent Distributors who share your commitment. As you grow your business, you can unlock new ways to earn income.

Join Herbalife today, and embrace a future where creativity knows no bounds. Let your goals become your reality.

Distributor success story


​"By using Herbalife regularly, changing my eating habits and engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle, I have achieved amazing results in losing 6kg and I feel better than ever. As the founder of a local agricultural supply company established in 2009, I never thought of giving up my own business, even though I was running a part-time business at the time, my mind changed a year and a half after I meet Herbalife. After attending the Extravaganza Asia-Pacific event in Singapore in 2014, I came to understand Herbalife's vision. 
When I became a full-time Herbalife member, I regularly attended company trainings and events, and through hard work and personal development, my business continued to grow until I reached the President’s Team level. I will continue to be a part of this great company and continue Herbalife's mission to change the lives of people in Cambodia and around the world."

Sidana O. and Sam An D.
Herbalife Member

Our promise to you

Gold Standard

Starting your Herbalife Distributorship is easy and stress-free:

Full Business Transparency: Clear and accurate information about your potential income.

Money-Back Guarantee: 100% refund on your Herbalife Member Pack if your membership is canceled for any reason within 90 days.

Refund Guarantee: 100% refund on all unsold products purchased within 12 months for any canceled memberships.

Low Start-Up Costs: No minimum monthly product orders or requirements to purchase any sales or business tools.