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Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson presents at Honors Keynote

Our leadership

Our executive management and board of directors are passionate leaders who inspire us to live our best lives every day. With their diverse expertise and forward-thinking approach, they empower Herbalife Independent Distributors and employees to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s premier health and wellness company and community.


Michael O. Johnson-image
Michael O. Johnson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Conchie-image
Stephen Conchie

Regional President, Asia Pacific

John DeSimone-image
John DeSimone

Chief Financial Officer

Stephan Gratziani-image
Stephan Gratziani


Tom Harms-image
Tom Harms

Senior Vice President, Global Customer Retention

Edi Hienrich-image
Edi Hienrich

Regional President, EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and India

Bobby J. Irani-image
Bobby J. Irani

Senior Vice President, Principal Accounting Officer

Frank Lamberti-image
Frank Lamberti

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Levy-image
Rob Levy

Regional President, The Americas

Ibi Montesino-image
Ibi Montesino

Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff

Henry Wang-image
Henry Wang

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Board of directors

Michael O. Johnson-image
Michael O. Johnson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Richard H. Carmona-image
Dr. Richard H. Carmona


Celine Del Genes-image
Celine Del Genes


Sophie L’Hélias-image
Sophie L’Hélias


Alan W. LeFevre-image
Alan W. LeFevre

Lead Director

Michael Levitt-image
Michael Levitt


Rodica Macadrai-image
Rodica Macadrai


Juan Miguel Mendoza-image
Juan Miguel Mendoza


Donal L. Mulligan-image
Donal L. Mulligan


Maria Otero-image
Maria Otero


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​​Connect with our leadership​

​​We give everyone the opportunity to communicate directly with the chairman of the board, individual directors, non-management directors as a group or the entire board of directors.​