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A healthier you, together

The key to unlocking success lies in the power of personal connection. That's why, by combining our products with the know-how and support of our Herbalife Independent Distributors, we have a proven history of delivering results.

Your Herbalife Independent Distributor becomes your mentor, working with you to craft a personalized plan using our high-quality products, wellness programs and resources. And with their guidance, motivation and commitment, you'll build a foundation of healthy habits to keep going on your wellness journey.

Customer success story

Duangjai K. Herbalife Distributor

Duangjai K. found Herbalife through advertisements while she was living in Philippines. She started using the products consistently and joined Herbalife as a part-time. Her sponsor encouraged her to attend local and international events to learn more about the Herbalife business.

She returned to Thailand and started developing her Herbalife business full-time. She qualified  World Team, and Millionaire Team* after four months. She then expanded her business in Indonesia, India and other countries with “Use, Wear, Talk” method. She opened a Fit Club and a Nutrition Club and these have given her a sustainable customer base. After 27 years with this company, she is a fully qualified Chairman's Club member.

Duanjai K., Herbalife Distributor

*Atypical achievements from this top 1% Distributor came from hard work, skill and dedication. Most people work part-time and typically earn a little extra income. For more, see Herbalife.com/WWSAGC.