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John DeSimone

Chief Financial Officer


In his role as Chief Financial Officer, John DeSimone is responsible for all global and corporate financial functions at the highest level, including the company’s financial reporting, strategic planning, accounting, tax, audit, treasury and investor relations.

Having joined Herbalife in November 2007, Mr. DeSimone has held multiple strategic leadership roles. Most recently, he served as a special advisor to the CEO. Immediately prior, he held the role of chief strategic officer, leading certain key strategic initiatives to help drive growth of Herbalife’s global business. Additionally, he held the role of president, managing the company's regional leadership, and had overall responsibility for distributor-facing functions throughout the world, including marketing, promotions, sponsorships, business methods support, events, and independent distributor communications.

During his 17 years at Herbalife, he has also served as co-president and chief strategic officer, senior vice president of finance, as well as an eight-year tenure as the company’s chief financial officer.

Mr. DeSimone has more than 25 years of experience in the corporate finance sector. He has served as the controller, vice president of finance and chief financial officer of Rexall Sundown, Inc., a multinational manufacturer of nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products.

He formerly served on the board of trustees of the California Science Center which provides support for exhibits and education programs, and as co-chair for the 21st annual discovery ball which raised more than 2 million dollars.

Mr. DeSimone earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration at Bryant College (now known as Bryant University).