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1 January 2020

12:00 am




Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Run 2022 Clocks More Than 1 Million Kilometers

Herbalife, today announced the results of its 2022 Virtual Run, an annual event aimed at helping people in Asia Pacific get moving with a healthy active lifestyle. Held from November 1 to 31, 15,000 participants from the public, as well as Herbalife members and employees in the Asia Pacific region, came together to race at their own pace, covering a total distance of over 1,053,000 kilometers – equivalent to running around the world 26 times.

Held for three consecutive years in a row, Herbalife Virtual Run has accumulated 54,000 participants who have clocked a distance of over 3,220,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to circling the earth 80 times.

“We initiated the Virtual Run in 2020, to help break sedentary lifestyles that became all too commonplace due to the pandemic,” said Stephen Conchie, Regional President of Herbalife for Asia Pacific and China. “I’m delighted to see that the momentum has been sustained for the third year running, with new and returning participants joining as individuals or as teams with their friends and families, and covering impressive distances. With the New Year approaching, we encourage people to keep up with their new healthy habits and maintain active lifestyles supported by good nutrition.”

The Herbalife Virtual Run is the highlight event of the Get Moving with Good Nutrition campaign, an annual initiative by Herbalife to help Asia Pacific consumers  adopt healthy active living habits and foster communities that support their healthy living journeys. This year, the event was complemented by a brand-new Run App, to offer a more interactive and seamless way of tracking the participants’ progress.

The Virtual Run also contributes to raising funds for Herbalife Foundation (HNF). This year’s Virtual Run raised more than USD74,000, boosting the total for three years to almost USD240,000 – helping provide good nutrition to needy children in Asia Pacific through HNF’s flagship Casa Herbalife program. 

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