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Simple Healthy Skin Care Routine

Herbalife 24 October 2023

Finding time for a skin care routine can be complicated when you live a busy, hectic life. However, taking care of skin is a must, as it is constantly exposed to the environment and its contaminants. But getting the habit of a skin care routine isn’t that hard. Treating your face in the morning, and before going to bed is basic to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

Your skin care routine can be as streamlined, or as complete as you like, the important thing is that you do it twice a day, every day (and we do mean EVERY day).

The second most important thing is that you choose the right products for your skin type, and that you apply them in the correct way and order. If looking at a product catalogue makes you feel lost, here is a quick explanation so you can get a healthy skin in no time.

The Basics

  • Facial cleanser 
    The first step will always be to remove the dirt and excess oils that accumulate during the day, as this can be the perfect place for germs to grow and cause breakouts. The right cleanser will remove the excess oils and dirt without dehydrating or irritating your skin, so look for an oil control face wash or a more gentle moisturizing product depending on weather you have oily or dry skin. 
  • Exfoliating 
    Your skin cells regenerate about once a month, so you constantly have dead skin cells peeling off, but if this dead cells combine with oils and dirt, they can block pores and cause blackheads and acne. The good news is that (depending on your skin) you only need to exfoliate between one and three times a week, so incorporating this in your routine is an easy way to make your skin visibly smoother. 
  • Facial toner 
    Helps prepare your skin to better receive your moisturizer so you make the most of all those fancy ingredients. Select an alcohol free formula, as it can dehydrate and irritate the skin.
  • Moisturizer 
    As with the facial cleanser, be sure to select a formula specialized for your skin type. Some people with oily skin skip this step, as they fear it will worsen their sebum problem, but leaving your face without a suitable moisturizer will cause your skin to feel dehydrated and compensate by doubling down on the oil production. 
    Products for oily skin use special ingredients to hydrate without leaving a greasy feel, and some even include ingredients to help reduce and treat acne.
  • Sunscreen 
    Whatever your skin type, always look for a formula with sunscreen. 
    By protecting your sun from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, you will not only reduce the chances of developing skin cancer, but you will also reduce skin aging.

The Extras | Complement your skin care routine

  • Specialized products 
    There is a large variety of creams, gels and serums that can target specific needs, like: preventing aging, reducing eye bags, treating acne, moisturizing, or controlling oily skin. 
    If you have the basics of your routine dominated, you can incorporate one or more of these products. 
    Be sure to read the instructions, as some are meant to be used only at night, or on specific parts of the face.
  • Apply a face mask 
    Masks are the perfect way to do a deeper cleaning by removing dirt and excess oils that would otherwise clog the pores. Start by washing your face with your ordinary facial cleanser, then apply the mask. Be sure to follow the instructions both in the time you should leave it on and the correct procedure to remove it, otherwise you risk irritating your skin.

Other skin tips

  • Use a towel exclusively for your face and wash it often.
  • Disinfect your phone frequently: germs and dirt from your hands (and everything you touch) can quickly accumulate on your phone and cause outbreaks when they inevitably end up in your face.
  • Wash your makeup brushes regularly, you can use a gentle soap or even shampoo.
  • When it comes to showers and baths, use warm water rather than hot. Using water that is too hot can cause your skin to dry, as it removes the natural oils that protect it.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and eat a balanced, healthy diet. You can complement your diet with supplements rich in B, C, E and Omega 3 to nurture your skin from the inside out.

Remember, no matter your skin type, being disciplined and reinforcing the good habit of a skin care routine is key to keeping your face looking healthy and young. Visit our Skin Care section in the Product Catalog to find products that will help you create a personalized skin care routine.

Take care of your skin, as you will be partners for life!