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Edi Hienrich Headshot

Edi Hienrich

Regional President, EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and India


Edi Hienrich is the regional president for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and India. He is responsible for all strategic sales and marketing functions across these markets. In his role, Mr. Hienrich has helped the company reach across oceans and borders to deliver its products to help people live healthy, active lifestyles.

Mr. Hienrich has extensive experience at Herbalife, developed over 32 years with the company. He has worked around the globe, with leadership positions in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

He started with Herbalife in finance and quickly rose to country and regional management, where he led operations for Eastern Europe. After serving as vice president of South America, he moved into international development, where he was responsible for the opening of new markets including Brazil, India, Colombia and Singapore. His focus was then directed to Southeast Asia, where he developed and implemented long- and medium-term strategies to drive the region’s profitable expansion and growth.

Mr. Hienrich holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a Master of Business Administration.