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​​Inspiring better lives​

We are a global health and wellness community born to support you in living your best life. For over 40 years and in more than 90 countries, we’ve empowered millions of people to make real changes to their lives with our science-backed products, the support of a coach – what we call a Herbalife Independent Associate – and the opportunity to build a business. And we’re just getting started.


To us, the best lives are balanced lives. Through our Herbalife Independent Associates, who foster community, personal growth and business opportunities to help you thrive, we offer a wide range of products designed to help you meet your nutritional needs and reach your goals. You bring the will to get started, and we’ll help you every step of the way. 

2023 at a glance

Herbalife is the #1 active and lifestyle nutrition brand in the world.

Herbalife is the #1 protein shake in the world.†

*Source: Euromonitor; CH2024ed, active & lifestyle nutrition as weight management & wellbeing, sports nutrition and vitamins & dietary supplements definitions; combined % RSP share GBO for 2023.

†Source: Euromonitor; CH2024ed, protein shake as sports protein powder, sports protein RTDs, meal replacement, supplement nutrition drinks & protein supplements; combined % RSP share GBO for 2023.



Suggested retail with $5.1 billion net sales worldwide​


​​Distributors across 90+ countries​


​​Staff scientists and Ph.D.s in 19 active labs worldwide​


Formula 1 shakes consumed daily worldwide​

​​Total well-being​

​​Achieving total well-being is a journey that thrives on the balance of our bodies, minds and futures. This empowers us to look and feel our best.​

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Physical well-being
Reach your body’s potential with the help of our products and the fitness & nutrition programs that your Herbalife Independent Associate will tailor to your needs following Herbalife guidance.* Our products are trusted by our consumers and make chasing goals taste great.

Emotional well-being
Get better results with a Herbalife Independent Associate by your side. Herbalife Independent Associates will motivate and inspire you. With that kind of support, you’ll be able to keep your momentum alive and keep moving forward.

Financial opportunity
Build a business as an independent Associate for yourself, but never by yourself. As a Herbalife Independent Associate, you will have the opportunity to pursue earning opportunities whilst helping others transform for the better.

*The Herbalife Rules of Conduct and all other rules, policies and advisories that Herbalife issues or, in the future, may issue from time to time.​

Our personal approach

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Our science-backed nutrition products are offered exclusively through our network of Herbalife Independent Associates. As global ambassadors of our brand, these dedicated entrepreneurs support their customers through a passion for well-being and nutrition and by sharing their own wellness journeys. Herbalife’s team of experts supports our Herbalife Independent Associates with programmes, product guidance and other informational materials to help their customers. Herbalife Independent Associates also have a supportive community of fellow Associates to help them reach their customers.​

Herbalife Independent Associates give their customers personal encouragement that goes beyond recommending Herbalife products. They tailor the relationship to their customers’ unique needs, so they feel seen, heard and valued. This includes motivating and coaching their customers to help them set goals and stay on track. 

Herbalife Independent Associates help you maintain the momentum you need to keep achieving your goals - we call that the Distributor Difference.

​​360° focus on health & wellness​

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The Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy is our core belief that with balanced nutrition, a healthy and active lifestyle, and a personalised plan, you can live your best life. That means a combination of nourishing foods, hydration, targeted nutritional supplements and regular exercise. With our balanced approach, you’ll feel more energised.

We believe that your best life extends beyond nutrition alone. That means a life with exercise and movement whilst also getting quality sleep, proper hydration and rejuvenating rest. Together, we’ll empower you to achieve your wellness goals whilst discovering your full potential along the way.​

him ws

Immerse yourself in Herbalife Innovation & Manufacturing (HIM)–Winston-Salem

Sprawling over 100 acres, the 800,000-square-foot HIM facility in Winston-Salem is an achievement in efficiency, safety and production. Equipped with advanced technology, like electron microscopes, product development labs, and automated packaging and distribution lines, HIMWS is built to deliver thousands of the best Herbalife® products around the world. Take the virtual tour to discover how Herbalife builds and maintains its commitment to quality.

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Herbalife operates five innovation and manufacturing facilities worldwide. In India, product are manufactured through contract manufacturers in compliance with applicable laws. We work closely with our Herbalife Independent Associates, who possess valuable insight into customer preferences and needs.

We also foster partnerships with forward-thinking companies that share our commitment to developing effective products with the latest innovations. In 2018, we introduced the Greenhouse initiative, empowering our employees to contribute innovative ideas to better the company.

By embracing innovation, we remain dedicated to empowering people to live their best lives.