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Caution Notice

Dear Associates,


It has inter-alia come to our attention that Counterfeit, tampered Herbalife products are being sold on various e-commerce websites and other marketplaces like medical stores, departmental stores etc. (“Unauthorized Sales Channel”) by unauthorized sellers purporting to be authorized/permitted sellers, which are in clear violation of the intellectual property rights of Herbalife. Herbalife International India Private Limited does not sell or authorize its Associate(s) to sell Herbalife Products through any Unauthorized Sales Channel. Herbalife recommends to buy Herbalife Products and avail services only from Herbalife’s Associates.


Herbalife does not extend gold standard guarantee, 30-days money-back guarantee (given only for Herbalife Products purchased directly through its Associates) and/or confirm the quality and/or authenticity of products purchased from any Unauthorized Sales Channel. Herbalife regularly initiates and intends to initiate appropriate action in order to protect its intellectual property rights. 


Beware of Cyber frauds and do not respond to any suspicious SMS, calls, WhatsApp Text, Social media messages, misleading communications like fraudulent offers, lottery winnings etc. regarding Herbalife.


Do not engage with fraudsters pretending to be Herbalife Officials over WhatsApp / text message / email or suspicious telephonic calls, misleading communications from unknown numbers who may ask you to share your personal data, sensitive financial information, OTP, QR Code scanning, make any payment, send any alphanumeric SMS to any number, fraudulent offers, lottery winning announcements or other misleading communication (“Fraudulent Acts”), which are in strict violation of the Herbalife’s Policies. It seems that such communications are being sent with the sole intention to defraud the public and bring disrepute to the Herbalife’s goodwill.


Please note, Herbalife shall not be liable under any circumstances and in any manner whatsoever for such Fraudulent Acts and/or any action taken by Public relying on such Fraudulent Acts and/or for products purchased from Unauthorized Sales Channel.


Despite this Caution Notice, if any entity or any individual is found to be involved in such Fraudulent acts in any capacity, then such infringer shall be responsible for any such acts and its consequences thereof. Herbalife reserves the rights to pursue its legal remedies available against such illegal acts.


Stay Safe and Alert!


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