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Marien Garza

Marien Garza Gordoa

LNCA, R.D., E.D., CIP - Member, Herbalife Dietetic Advisory Board


Marien Garza Gordoa is a member of both the Dietetic Advisory Board (DAB) and the Outer Nutrition Advisory Board at Herbalife, a registered dietitian based in Mexico, a diabetes educator, and an expert in women’s nutrition.

In her role, she has worked extensively to develop the Wellness Tour in Mexico, where she works directly with our Herbalife Independent Distributors providing nutrition training and education, as well as representing nutritionists in Mexico at media and public relations events.

Marien holds a master’s degree in public image engineering and is a health and nutrition professor at the College of Public Image Consultants.

Prior to starting her career, Marien was looking for a path that involved medicine, chemistry, food and a healthy lifestyle – and nutrition allowed her to delve further into each of those areas. As an avid science lover and wellness advocate, Marien’s role with Herbalife is the perfect union of her passions and her skill set.