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Ethics and Compliance

Herbalife Code of Conduct

The Herbalife Code of Conduct serves as the primary means by which our organization communicates its commitment to the ethical and legal conduct of our employees and stakeholders. The Code provides an effective and comprehensive outline of the company's expectation for ethical behavior and guides us as we pursue our purpose of making the world healthier and happier.

Herbalife employees are trained on the Code each year. The Code was last updated on December 16, 2022.

Ethics and Compliance hotline

We're here, and we're listening! Whether you are an Herbalife employee, contractor, Distributor, customer, vendor or a member of the general public, we encourage you to raise concerns about misconduct, suspected violations of law or possible breaches of our Herbalife Code of Conduct as well as other related company policies and procedures.

If you are an Herbalife employee; first consider talking to your supervisor; manager; or Ethics and Compliance, Legal or HR representative. If you feel uncomfortable raising the issue internally, you are strongly encouraged to avail yourself of the options below.

If you see or hear something that isn’t in line with our values, we have different reporting methods to report your concern 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without fear of retaliation, by either dialing 1-844-539-2285 (in the U.S. only), visiting IntegrityLine.Herbalife.com or emailing the Ethics and Compliance office at EthicsandCompliance@Herbalife.com. The site also has toll-free numbers for countries outside the U.S. Our hotline is operated by an independent third-party. Where permitted by law, complaints can be made anonymously.

Herbalife does not tolerate retaliation against or mistreatment in any manner of, anyone who raises concerns regarding any potential violation of law, regulation or policy.


(U.S. only)