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Full length of confident young woman jumping with rope in gym


The Benefits of Rope Jump Workout

Herbalife 30 October 2023

Hop, skip and jump into a new world of fitness.

Vertical jump training is now a big deal for people looking to build explosive power, speed and strength. You can find some videos online – and they’re pretty impressive.

If vertical jumping isn’t for you, getting your feet off the ground in other ways has a raft of health and fitness benefits. Plus, you don’t have to go to the gym to enjoy them.

Jumping options range from building simple star jumps and the higher intensity ‘burpee’ into your workouts, to our personal favourite, jump-rope training.

Jump-rope is really just skipping for grown-ups. We love it because it’s a simple, zero-cost way to get in shape. Plus, it’s great fun. We’re not alone: skipping is a staple in the exercise routines of personal trainers, professional boxers and celebrities, including Katy Parry, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sylvester Stallone.

Why not grab a rope and give it a try!

5 reasons to skip  

5 reasons to skip

  1. No expensive equipment or gym memberships needed. You can skip wherever there’s space.
  2. Skipping offers a full body workout, using abdominal muscles, legs, shoulders and arms.
  3. A regular skipping programme can help to build muscle tone in lower and upper bodies.
  4. You can skip at a pace that suits you, so it’s a great workout for all fitness levels.
  5. Last but not least – it’s fun!