​​Frequently Asked Questions​

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​​Where can I buy Herbalife shakes?​

Our direct selling business model means that Herbalife products are sold exclusively through our network of independent members (distributors), rather than relying on traditional retail establishments. 

When you are connected with your local independent member, they will help you begin your Herbalife journey. Your independent member will support you with tips, advice, product recommendations and continuous mentorship.

Your nutrition needs are unique and require a personalised nutrition plan that’s not available at brick-and-mortar and online retail. The Herbalife independent member provides a person-to-person, high-touch experience that goes beyond a product to include motivation and support to help their customers change for the better. Our members connect with their customers through wellness evaluations, competitive challenges, and one-on-one meetings and social media. Many members operate nutrition clubs and bootcamps. This is where customers can enjoy Herbalife products, work out, and meet people who have similar wellness goals.