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Payment Security

Our checkout process uses 3D Secure Authentication.

Our checkout process uses 3DS 2.0 to ensure that only you can use your credit card. You may be asked to enter additional data to confirm that you are actually the cardholder. This gives you even more security and protection for payments with your card. Information about the possibilities of this additional protection standard can be obtained from the Bank that issued your card.

How you pay online with your credit card will change with the upcoming implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as part of legislation introduced by the European Union.

You may be prompted for an additional security step to confirm your identity when you make a payment using the authentication method chosen by your Bank. This is called two-factor authentication and means that you must provide data from at least two of the following three categories. Your Bank will certainly have already informed you how to do this. If you have not received this Information yet, please contact your Bank.

  • Something you know – like a password or a PIN
  • Something you own - such as a mobile phone, a card reader-or other device
  • Something you are – such as Iris Scan, facial recognition or fingerprin